Vested Quarters Out There To Tarnish Bangladesh’s Image: Hasina

The Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina on Sunday claimed that certain quarters have been able to stage a variety of events in the country to discredit its image in the world.

"Bangladesh will continue to march forward but no one will be in a position to pull Bangladesh back. Certain incidents are happening...vested factions are unleashing these in order to discredit the image of Bangladesh and you are aware of this," she said, says UNB.

The Prime Minister made this statement when she inaugurated the Paira Bridge over the Paira River and laid the foundation stone for 6 lanes (including service lanes) of the highways Sylhet-Dhaka and Sylhet-T from her home in Ganobhaban.

She claimed that vested interests are also involved in spreading negativity about Bangladesh. "Whatever progress we make there's a segment of people who are out there, and they're actively demeaning Bangladesh," she said.

"They do not want Bangladesh's democratic process to be halted Their demands increase when there's a situation that isn't natural in Bangladesh," she said.

This is the reason, she said, that section of the population is not aware of the growth of the nation. "Instead they are seeking destruction. This is what they want to do. People of the country must be informed of this," the PM added.

After winning the elections in 2008, Awami League formed the government in 2009, Hasina said, adding, "As a result of being in power for an extended period, nobody will be able to take away the present Bangladesh Everyone respects Bangladesh today. Bangladesh has gained respect from all over the world."

In reminiscing about the gloomy days of the nation after the killing of father of our nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman The Prime Minister stated that the people who were in power either directly or indirectly between 1975 and 1996 as well as between 2001 and 2008 wanted slow the progress of the country.

"It was not their intention to see Bangladesh is honoured all over the world and that the Bangladeshis will be able to travel the world with their heads up. It was very uncomfortable our way," the woman said.

In a discussion about the Covid-19 pandemic Hasina advised everyone to take caution when dealing with the disease. "We're offering one will be left out since we're taking steps to ensure that everyone is protected," she said.

Hasina added that the government is slowly opening colleges and schools to ensure that there's no hindrance in the academic pursuits of students.

The Prime Minister also stated that the government has implemented Vision 2021, Vision 2041 and Delta Plan 2100 to help advance the nation.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen, Highways and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader, as well as Highways and Bridges Secretary M Nazrul Islam also addressed the ceremony.

A video about Paira Bridge and Dhaka-Sylhet and Sylhet-Tamabil highways were shown at the program.


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